Unique Ways to Save Wildlife

140418_Endangered_Primate_Center_100361The Houston Zoo saves animals in the wild by partnering with likeminded programs and organizations.  We recognize that protecting our natural world is a collective task and we look for every opportunity to strengthen our impact.  We support long-term solutions that promote harmony between animals and people.

Staff Saving Wildlife

Houston Zoo PR manager Ryan Draper helped our partners at NOAA by creating a more efficient process for collecting data on stranded and injured sea turtles found on the upper Texas Coast. In addition to providing critical funding to wildlife conservation projects worldwide, we encourage our staff to use their diverse skillsets to assist field projects with their work.

Saving Lions


Learn how small groups of committed individuals are helping wild lions in Africa. The PRIDE Lion Alliance was founded by six women with proven success leading lion conservation projects across Africa. The lion, an animal that has been prominent for decades in media, movies, television and even zoos, is quietly disappearing across their historical range in Africa.