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Downloadable Wallpaper for Your Computer

We’ve chosen a few of your favorite animals for you to have on your computer. Download these wallpapers for your computer’s desktop; click the image to pull up a full-sized photo you can save. Check back again next month for new photos – each month we’ll be adding new animals to this collection just for you!

Baylor the Elephant


Enjoy Houston Zoo elephant Baylor every day of the week on your computer, as well as when you visit the Zoo! This little guy isn’t so much of a baby anymore, but he’s still having a blast playing in the sand and enjoying his day in the sun.

Baylor the Elephant Wallpaper

Fantastic Leaf-Tailed Gecko


This beautiful creature is known for its ability to camouflage, but he’s making quite a statement as a fixture on your desktop in this photo. On the island of Madagascar, its color helps it blend in perfectly to the bark of trees.

Fantastic Leaf-Tailed Gecko Wallpaper

Rockie the Sea Lion


Meet Rockie, our new California Sea lion. He arrived from Sea World San Antonio to join Cali and Kamia, our female sea lions! You might see him swimming around the pool, but he won’t be featured in our daily shows just yet; the keepers are working on teaching him new behaviors so he can show them off in an upcoming show.

Rockie the Sea Lion Wallpaper

King Vulture


Yes, vultures are beautiful birds too! They may feast on carrion (dead animals), but the vibrant coloration on their head makes a perfect computer wallpaper. These particular vultures have no sense of smell, so they rely on other vulture species to lead them to food. Who knew?

King Vulture Wallpaper

Sailfin Tang


This incredible species of fish, found in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, serves an important role in keeping algae growth to a minimum on coral reefs. Download him today to keep your computer screen gorgeous as well!

Sailfin Tang Wallpaper

Baby Orangutan Aurora


Who can resist this little lady? Enjoy Aurora every day on your desktop, but don’t forget to visit her cuteness in real life at the Zoo too! Aurora was hand-raised as a baby and then reared by surrogate mom orangutan Cheyenne.

Baby Orangutan Aurora Wallpaper

Chilean Flamingo


A total of 42 Chilean flamingos were just moved into their newly-renovated exhibit at the Zoo, and now you can have them on your computer too! They have a beautiful pink glow, and that’s because of the algae and small crustaceans they eat.

Chilean Flamingo Wallpaper

Blue-Green Chromis Fish


Enjoy the relaxing vibes of the Houston Zoo’s Kipp Aquarium on your desktop with this scene featuring the blue-green chromis. This fish is very popular for marine hobbyists, and it fares better in groups than individually.

Blue-Green Chromis Fish Wallpaper

Hope the Asian Small-Clawed Otter


Hope, our female Asian small-clawed otter, lives with male otter Miles in the Natural Encounters building. These otters develop monogamous pairings for life – males assist with nest building before and food gathering after birth. Are we hoping for baby otters someday? You bet we are!

Hope the Asian Small-Clawed Otter Wallpaper

Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle Hatchlings


These five adorable little guys hatched here at the Houston Zoo and are now on display in the Reptiles & Amphibians Building. This critically endangered species has never been hatched in any zoo. Visit them at our zoo, and see them every day on your home screen by downloading this wallpaper!

Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle Hatchlings Wallpaper