Year of the Goat – Featuring Fauna

In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat! We have over 20 different goats representing 5 different breeds. In addition to their different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of our goats also express individual preferences and personalities!

To highlight our goats individual ‘flair’, we’ve decided to feature a different goat each month and share what makes each one so unique and lovable!

FaunaHere in Houston, August is a month where many residents tend to embrace their air conditioning and lay low to avoid the extremely hot and humid weather.  Lacking any major holidays, August is also a month that tends to pass by unceremoniously.  August’s goat of the month was chosen because, like August, she tends to fly under most people’s radar and isn’t much of a showoff.  Fauna, the Nigerian dwarf goat, may not be the flashiest goat in the yard but she makes up for this with her easy-going nature.

Fauna is a ‘go with the flow’ kind of goat and takes life here in the Children’s Zoo in stride. Whether there are 3 guests or 30 guests in the Contact Area, Fauna can generally be found enjoying the shade and calmly chewing her cud. Fauna will gladly stand still to be brushed and gratefully accept a little bit of scratching between her ears.

In the summer months Fauna and her goat friends have a secret to keeping their cool when temperatures are soaring: ice!  Any guest that braves the summer temperatures on Saturday or Sunday afternoons can watch as the Contact Area keepers bring bowls of icy refreshments to the herd! Sometimes the ice is flavored with fruit juice and sometimes it comes in the form of a large ice pop with vegetables frozen inside of it.  However it’s served up, guests can see the goats enjoy their icy treats at 2:30 PM every weekend for the duration of this summer’s TXU Energy Chill Out promotion!

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