More New Babies at the Houston Zoo!

Adorable baby okapi not enough cuteness for you? Never fear, more Zoo babies are here! These little ones were born recently at the Houston Zoo. We hope you have a chance to come out and visit them soon!

This year, we had not one, but two baby De Brazza’s monkeys! A baby was born in January after seven years of hoping that Amelia and Albert would have one. Then this month we were excited to welcome another new baby into the family! One of the most important jobs of a zoo is breeding animals that are declining in the wild, and this animal is declining in the wild because of habitat loss and other serious issues. This sweet newborn still doesn’t have a name. Our keepers are waiting to know if the baby is a “she” or a “he” before deciding on a name.

Baby De Brazza's Monkey

This baby bongo’s name is Sheldon. Bongos are among the largest of the African forest antelope, and they are the only forest antelope to form herds. They are critically endangered, and there may be as few as 200 left in the wild.

Sheldon, the Baby Bongo
Sheldon, the baby bongo

Also recently born is this baby male nyala named Rowan. Nyala are almost invisible in the habitats where they live in southeast Africa because their coats provide excellent camouflage.

Baby Nyala Rowan
Baby nyala, Rowan

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