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Pollinator Garden Partnership

The Houston Zoo is helping to save pollinators through our Pollinator Garden Partnership. We invite your school to become a partner!

What is a Pollinator?

A pollinator is an animal that transports pollen from one plant to another – as plants cannot walk, run or fly; this is an extremely valuable service! Without pollinators, most plants would not be able to reproduce.

Just as important as the pollen itself are the amazing members of the animal kingdom who move pollen from one plant to another, allowing the plants to make seeds that then help create some of your favorite products. In fact, we have pollinators to thank for up to 30% of what we eat! So next time you pour maple syrup on your pancakes, chow down on some chocolate, devour ice cream, or use tasty spices for dinner, know that all of these items exist because of pollen!

This program connects your students with local wildlife found right in their school yards, and engages your students in nature by focusing on establishing native gardens around their school communities. This important wildlife-saving action ties directly with TEKS and allows your students to bring their learning outside their classroom walls.

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Ready to find out more about how your school can become a partner to save wildlife? Contact us at

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