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Home School

Join us for enriching educational activities geared towards your home-schooled child. Programs typically last two hours and may be held at the Zoo or in a natural environment in the Houston area.

Thank you for your interest in our programs!  Our spring programs have sold out, and fall Home School programs will be posted in late summer.  We hope you’ll join us then!

Please contact with any questions.


January 14

Our Asian elephants are some of the most popular animals at the Zoo. Come learn how we care for them daily and see if you can pick out characteristics to identify them on your next trip to the Zoo! We will visit their exhibit and create our own painting to take home.

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Reptiles vs Amphibians

February 21

The Houston Zoo is home to a variety of reptiles and amphibians, but do you know how to tell them apart? Learn the differences between these two groups of animals, discover which ones you could find in your back yard, and meet a few along the way!

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Bees, Bats, & Butterflies

March 7

What do butterflies, bats, and bees all have in common? They’re pollinators or course! Learn about different pollinators and take a Zoo tour to try and find some on grounds. Discover the importance of native plants and find out what you can do to help Houston pollinators thrive!

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Students as Field Researchers at the Texas City Prairie Preserve

April 18

Science activities for the whole family! Spend a few hours with us at the Texas City Prairie Preserve and step into the shoes of a field researcher. Find evidence of wildlife by searching for tracks, scat, insects, birds, and fish!

Field activities for this day may include marine seining, insect sweeping, birding, searching for tracks & scat, and water quality testing. Please dress appropriately for a day in the field (clothes that can get dirty and wet, closed-toe water shoes, change of clothes, hat, etc…). Please pack a picnic lunch as well as plenty of water for each family member.

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Lions, Tigers, & Bears... Oh my!

May 16

Delve into the life of our Houston Zoo carnivores! Get a glimpse into their daily routine and learn about the positive reinforcement training techniques keepers use to build a trusting relationship with our animals. Practice these techniques yourself and learn how you help carnivores in the wild!

Sold Out

Program Specifics

These programs are designed for students ages 6-12 with an accompanying adult. While younger or older siblings are welcome in any class, please keep in mind that these programs are geared towards children of that specific age group and may not contain age appropriate activities for children outside that range. All individuals attending the program require a registration, including adults and siblings.

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Child $40 (includes admission)
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