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ernie the north american porcupine eating food while on log
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North American Porcupine

The second largest rodent in North America (beavers are the largest), porcupines are herbivores, dining on leaves, grasses, twigs, buds, and the bark of the same trees these nocturnal animals hide in during the day to sleep.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Erethizon dorsatum


Canada, United States and northern Mexico

Location in the Zoo

John P. McGovern Children’s Zoo

Cool Animal Fact

An adult porcupine has an average of 30,000 quills; no they can’t shoot them. That’s a myth.

How We Help Save Them

We have recycled 20,019 pounds of holiday lights through our Zoo Lights event (to date), to protect the homes of wildlife like porcupines.

How You Can Help

Donate to help save porcupines in the wild

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