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Sea Lions

Meet Our Sea Lions

…and our sea lion pup Max! Born on June 26, 2017. More About Max >

About the Sea Lion Pool

Make a splash as you enter the Zoo by visiting our sea lions! Join Jonah, Rockie, Cali, Kamia and her pup TJ as they swim around and enjoy their pool. Be sure to check the schedule to see when there’s a sea lion show – you won’t want to miss it!

Behind the Scenes

Sea Lion Keepers Save a Sea Turtle While Picking Up Trash

Houston Zoo sea lion keepers are dedicated to reducing plastic trash in our ocean, as this is a major threat to sea lions. Locally, for over two years, this group of Houston Zoo keepers has made regular trips to the Surfside jetty, picking up trash and recyclables to reduce the threat of plastic entanglement to Texas species. On this trip, our sea lion team rescued a sea turtle that had been entangled in fishing line.
Get the Story >

Baby Sea Lion “Max”

A California sea lion pup was born to first-time mother, Cali, on June 26 after a three-hour labor. The pup and Cali began to bond immediately, and nursing was spotted within hours. Read More About It >

Did You Know?

Sea lions are highly intelligent animals, mastering engaging and intricate behaviors.

Seals, sea lions, and walruses are classified in a scientific group titled Pinnipeds which means “wing foot”.