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TXU Energy presents Undersea Discovery

Take a journey through the ocean to see animatronic marine creatures in an exhibit never before seen in the U.S.

This Event Has Passed April 15 - September 5, 2022

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Event Highlights

During TXU Energy presents Undersea Discovery, guests can experience the ocean from the rocky coast to the deepest sea and observe some of the most amazing marine creatures in the world, right here in Houston.

As you walk through the life-sized jaws of the Megalodon, you’ll meet other animatronic behemoths of the ocean like the oceanic manta ray with an 18-foot wingspan. Along the path, you’ll see the flashy but deadly blue-ringed octopus and the Japanese spider crab with the largest leg span of any arthropod.

Throughout the exhibit, learn more about coral reefs—essential to the marine ecosystem—and why it’s important to help protect them. You will also encounter rarely seen animals like the anglerfish and its luminescent fin ray that helps lure in its next meal in the deepest depths of the ocean.

During your journey, discover threats their real counterparts are facing in the wild and how you can take action to help save them.

Ticket Information

Exhibit dates:
April 15 – September 5

Discovery Add-On Pass:
Non-Members: $6.95
Zoo Members: $5.95

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Your Discovery Add-On Pass includes unlimited walks through the TXU Energy presents Undersea Discovery exhibit, a souvenir conservation bracelet, and unlimited carousel rides. The exhibit add-on pass does not include Zoo general admission.

Exhibit-only tickets are $2.95 for non-members and members. It includes one visit through the TXU Energy presents Undersea Discovery exhibit. The non-member ticket does not include Zoo general admission.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind undersea experience never-before seen in the U.S. 

Saving Wildlife

When you visit the Zoo to see TXU Energy presents Undersea Discovery, you help save animals in the wild. A portion of every Zoo ticket helps support wildlife-saving efforts around the world.

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