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Family Nature Club: Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center

Family Nature Club is an opportunity for families to get outside together and explore nature. Each program takes place at various parks and nature centers around Houston and is a great chance to find a new hangout for your herd. Meet like minded families and know that you’re providing your little ones meaningful opportunities for exploration and play.

This Event Has Passed Saturday, December 15, 2018, 1:05 p.m

Located at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center

Enjoy an afternoon outdoors at Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center! We will trek their more popular trails and discover wildlife that calls this park their home. We will also use nature as inspiration and create a nature art take home for each family.

Benefits of Connecting your Family to Nature

  • Happier, more self-confident and creative children
  • Stronger family ties
  • Increased sense of wonder and awe for nature close to home
  • Opportunity to follow children’s lead and let them direct the outing