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TXU Energy presents Dinosaurs

Transport back in time to the Mesozoic Era and explore the prehistoric landscape of Dinosaurs presented by TXU Energy at the Houston Zoo.

This Event Has Passed May 25 - September 2, 2019

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Event Highlights

TXU Energy presents Dinosaurs offers guests an exciting opportunity to take an up-close look at these massive creatures that once roamed the earth. 

Seventeen giant animatronic dinosaurs are set amongst lush green trees and prehistoric plants that take guests on a winding path to experience up-close encounters with a lifelike Utahraptor, Stegoceras, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and more. The fully robotic creatures move their heads, arms, tails, and even spit water.

Along your journey, we’ll help you spot the connections between animals at the zoo and these prehistoric beasts. 

Exhibit Dates:
May 25 – September 2

After your visit make sure to visit the modern dinosaur descendants here at the Zoo—birds! Visit them in one of our three main bird exhibits:

  • Fischer Bird Garden
  • Tropical Bird House
  • Birds of the World


Ticket Information

Purchase the best deal of the summer! Our Value Pass includes unlimited walks through the Dinosaurs exhibit, general Zoo admission, a souvenir conservation bracelet, and unlimited carousel rides.

Adult Value Pass: $24.95
Child Value Pass: $22.95

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Zoo Members:   $5.95*
Non-Members:  $6.95*

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*Does not include Zoo admission. Add-on pass includes admission to Dinosaurs and unlimited carousel rides.

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