How Does Your Bracket Compare to a Sea Lion's?


Here are Jonah’s picks! How does your bracket compare?

Yes, you read that correctly. This year, Jonah the sea lion is creating his own bracket. He’s been practicing in our own Houston Zoo basketball camp just for sea lions (Not actually a real thing and totally just for fun) and we feel pretty confident that he will have some pretty strong picks.

Take a look at some basketball camp highlights to see how Jonah has become familiar with the game.

So here’s how it will work: Two different color basketballs will be placed in the sea lion pool, with each ball representing one team in a matchup. Jonah will select a ball and put it through the hoop to indicate who he believes will win that game. He will repeat this for his entire bracket. We’ll post his picks on our blog so you can follow along with how he’s doing and compare brackets.

So now the big question: Why are we doing this?
If you take it at face value, the whole thing might just appear to be a sea lion playing with a basketball. However, if you look a little closer, you can see an incredible relationship between  Jonah and our sea lion keepers. Actually, you can see these types of relationships all over the Houston Zoo. Our keepers work very hard to develop connections with the animals and to make their lives as enriching as possible. Learning new behaviors such as Jonah making baskets provides the opportunity to develop the keeper & animal relationship further and enriches the lives of not only the animals, but the keepers as well!

Stay tuned to see Jonah’s picks!

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