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When you can’t bring your crew to the Zoo, let us come to you! The ZooMobile and its team of experienced staff travel to schools and community events throughout the Houston area providing an unique and educational experience to a variety of audiences. These engaging events allow participants to come eye to eye with fascinating ambassador animals, engage with Zoo Educators and be inspired to change behaviors that will ultimately help animals in the wild.

Four ZooMobile Options for Your School

Classroom Program

Tailored for grades preK – 5
Up to 35 participants per program
30 minute program includes touchable Ambassador Animals!
$175 for the first program, additional programs $150

Topics to Choose From:

Animal Storytime
Ecosystem Explorers
Animal Adaptations
Food Webs
So, You Want to be a Zoo Keeper?

Special Edition Classroom Program:
Explore Your School Garden

Tailored for grades 2 – 5
Up to 35 participants per program
60 minute program includes touchable Ambassador Animals!
$200 for the first program, additional programs $175

Get outside and investigate! Students will use Vernier ProScopes and iPads to explore the plants and animals that call their schoolyard home. The green space around your school is the perfect place to make observations, share findings, and understand the natural world. In this program, students will head outdoors to meet animals up close and utilize new technology. Students will have the opportunity to gain a greater sense of appreciation for nature right outside their classroom.

Assembly Program

Tailored for grades 1 – 5
Up to 100 participants per program
45 minute program includes Ambassador Animals! 
$275 per program

Topics to Choose From:

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Giant Armadillo Adventure
Endangered Species

Science Night Festival Program

Great for any grade level
No limit to number of participants
Maximum of 2 hours
Includes touchable Ambassador Animals!
$375 per program

Topics to choose from:

Travel Around the Globe
So, You Want to be a Zoo Keeper?

Looking for a ZooMobile for your next community event?

Community Festival Booth

An informal, up-close experience that is perfect for your community festival or other event. A Zoo Educator with an intriguing selection of animals and artifacts will provide two to four hours of engaging programming centered around how each of us can save animals in the wild from right here in Houston.

Maximum of four hours
No limit to the number of participants

$375 for the first two hours
$250 each additional hour
Includes Ambassador Animals!

Ambassador Animals

The ZooMobile provides an opportunity for you to get up close and interact with our ambassador animals. Connect with a variety of animals such as a chinchilla, screech owl, porcupine and many more. Learn what they eat and how they are cared for as a member of the Houston Zoo family. Meet our amazing ambassadors and find out how you and your group can take action to save animals in the wild on your next ZooMobile!

We’ll surprise you with a selection of delightful critters; it is not possible to reserve specific animals when you schedule your ZooMobile.

Booking Your ZooMobile

Before you book, please be sure to read our policies and procedures. Note that ZooMobiles are an educational presentation for schools, organizations or festivals; we do not provide animals for a “petting zoo” experience, birthday parties, or private residences.

ZooMobile Policies and Procedures

Send us your request today! You won’t need to provide payment until we confirm your reservation.


Are You Far Away? Mileage Fees

Due the added cost of a long drive, we add trip fees by estimated mileage. The Directions in Google Maps can help you calculate your estimated mileage from 6200 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030.

1-10 Miles – $25
11-25 Miles – $50
26-40 Miles – $75
41-55 Miles – $100
56-70 Miles – $125

We travel no more than 70 miles. Fees are assessed using Google maps and are measured from the Zoo to the program location.

Need more information? Don’t see a program that fits your needs? Contact us at and we can answer your questions.