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Your School Can Be a Partner in Saving Wildlife

One of the Houston Zoo’s goals is to inspire our school group audiences to partner with us to save wildlife. There are everyday actions your students can do to save animals in the wild. We know your students are the next generation of conservation champions. Check out the following opportunities to get involved!

Mascots for Saving Wildlife

Does your school have “Tiger Pride”?  Are your students the best “Fighting Falcons”? Your school’s passion can be the channel to saving that animal in the wild. This program connects your students with local and international Zoo partners saving wildlife, and engages your students in wildlife-saving actions such as cell phone or paper recycling that tie directly with TEKS. Your students can meet with our keepers and animal ambassadors that match your mascot during a Zoo visit.

If you would like an example of what a Mascots for Saving Wildlife Partnership might look like, learn about one of our star Mascots for Saving Wildlife Partnership schools: Lyons Elementary!

Project-based Learning

Students have the opportunity to learn more about endangered animals and the challenges that face them through research projects and educating the public.

Pollinator Garden Partnership

The Houston Zoo is helping to save pollinators through our Pollinator Initiative, and we would love to have your school as a partner! This program connects your students with local wildlife found right in their school yards, and engages your students in nature by focusing on establishing native gardens around their school communities.  This important wildlife-saving action ties directly with TEKS and allows your students to bring their learning outside their classroom walls.

If you would like an example of what a Pollinator Garden Partnership might look like, learn about one of our star Pollinator Garden Partnership schools: Ridgecrest Elementary! 

Ready to find out more about how your school can become a partner to save wildlife? Contact us at

Students as Field Researchers

Join the Houston Zoo and The Nature Conservancy for a day of hands-on activities at the Texas City Prairie Preserve. Students will learn field research techniques that wildlife biologists use to save animals in the wild! This program is offered to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Students will use hands-on techniques and tools to explore prairie and coastal ecology. Each group participates in three of the following activities that reinforce a number of TEKS objectives:

  • Seining for marine life
  • Insect identification
  • Identifying coastal birds
  • Water quality testing
  • Identifying native plants
  • Identifying animal tracks and scat

Time of year, weather conditions, student ages and number will determine which activities will be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an active field research day—students will get dirty and wet. Wear closed-toe shoes and clothes that can be worn in the water, or bring a change of clothes. A ratio of one chaperone for every 20 students is required.



We will be opening up registrations for the Students as Field Researchers for the 2018-2019 school year in August.  Please check back at that time to register.

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