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Camp Zoofari

Camps Ages 4-5


*New! Parent’s #1 Vote!*

What’s it like to be as tall as a giraffe or swim like a sea turtle? In this fun and creative camp, your camper will discover a new animal each day and use their imaginations and dress-up costumes to become the creature!

Only available July 5-6* or select half days. Please call 713-533-6739 to register.

Animals A-Z
*New! Parent’s #2 Vote!*

With the alphabet as a map, your camper will navigate the diversity of the animal kingdom. The letters will guide them from Alligators to Zebras, and everything in between.

Only available July 30-August 3 or select half days. Please call 713-533-6739 to register.

Bringing Up Baby
*New this year!*

How are baby animals raised? With devoted dads and managing mothers keep the babies of the animal kingdom in check. Whether it’s a single parent or a community, raising these wild youngsters takes a LOT of work. Your camper will discover the ways different babies grow up.

Sold Out!

Wild Play

Before jungle gyms and monkey bars existed, nature was the ultimate playground. Animals still use the outdoors to romp and play. In the animal kingdom, playing isn’t just for fun, it’s a learning tool. Join us as we get active and practice the skill of playing!

Only available August 6-10. Please call 713-533-6739 to register.

When I Grow Up

Does your camper dream of working at a Zoo? In “When I Grow Up…”, campers will meet and role play activities with Zoo team members in a variety of positions from animal departments, to horticulture, nutritionists, safety rangers and more.

Sold Out!

*Camps offered over the week of July 4 (Week 5) will not have camp on Wednesday. Camp will be offered as two discounted sessions, each offering different experiences and activities. In order to register for the entire week of camp, please make sure both date ranges (the 2-3 and the 5-6) are added to your cart.

Costs per week

  • Full day camps – $300
  • Half day camps – $200
    • July 4th week full day – $150
    • July 4th week half day – $100


Every camp week will include touchable animal experiences, visits to several sections of the Zoo, giraffe feeding, and a carousel ride. Activities and games are tied to the theme for the week and will be different for each camp theme.