Year of the Goat – Featuring Juniper

In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat! We have over 20 different goats representing 5 different breeds. In addition to their different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of our goats also express individual preferences and personalities!

To highlight our goats individual ‘flair’, we’ve decided to feature a different goat each month and share what makes each one so unique and lovable!

When October begins, most people tend to start thinking of pumpkins, apple cider and Halloween! Juniper isn’t a traditional ingredient used in pumpkin pie spice, but Juniper the goat IS orange like a pumpkin! As a Nigerian dwarf goat, Juniper has a fairly round belly, so her middle even resembles a little Jack-o-lantern! As you may have learned from last month’s goat blog, Juniper’s round stature is caused by gas from the plant material fermenting in her four chambered stomach.


Aside from impersonating seasonal squash, Juniper enjoys more mentally stimulating activities as well. She has begun participating in bi-weekly learning sessions with her trainer, Brian. She has already mastered several different behaviors, such as climbing onto a bench, standing on her hind legs, and even shaking hands/hooves with Brian!

Come to the zoo to congratulate Juniper on her training progress and her ‘Goat of the Month’ status, and stay to celebrate our annual Zoo Boo festivities!  Beginning on October 16th, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday are Zoo Boo days!  There will be a pumpkin patch, a candy cave and many other fun activities for children and adults alike!


Juniper was so excited about Zoo Boo that she dressed up early! Be sure to follow Juniper’s lead and come in costume! At 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM every day there will be a Costume Parade. You never know, you might even find some of the animals visiting to join in the parade!


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