Year of the Goat – Featuring Bono

Bono (right) stands with his twin Trent (left)

March’s Goat of the Month is…(drumroll please)… Bono! (Musical pun intended). Unlike his famous namesake, Bono the goat is not much of a singer, though he can get pretty vocal around feeding time! Like the majority of our goat herd here in the Children’s Zoo Bono is a Nigerian dwarf goat. This breed originated in West Africa but has become very popular in America as a companion goat for hobbyists.

Bono and keeper, Michelle

Bono is one of the most affectionate goats in the Contact Area and when he wants attention he will ask for it! He frequently comes up to keepers (and guests) and gently leans his head up against their leg to encourage them to give him a nice scratch on the head.  Bono also enjoys training sessions with his trainer Michelle and can often be found lounging around the yard with his twin brother Trent. Bono and Trent were born right here at the Houston Zoo on 3/12/2005 so they will be celebrating their TENTH birthday this month!

Fun fact: Goats frequently give birth to multiple kids so twins and even triplets are a common sight in the yard. Because they are highly social herd animals, goats tend to form strong familial bonds. If you watch the goats you can often figure out which goats are related by watching which other goats they spend the most time with. You can often find siblings sleeping side by side in the yard or sharing a pile of hay. Not only does Bono spend a lot of time with his twin Trent, they both like to hang around with their older brother Jack as well! Jack and Bono look a lot alike but if you look closely Jack has yellow eyes while Bono’s eyes are baby blue. Come say ‘hello’ to Bono and his siblings in the Contact Area this month!

In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat! We have over 20 different goats representing 5 different breeds. In addition to their different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of our goats also express individual preferences and personalities!

To highlight our goats individual ‘flair’, we’ve decided to feature a different goat each month and share what makes each one so unique and lovable!

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