What's new in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop?

What an exciting day it was when Ms. Loverde’s second grade class from Sugarland came to visit the Swap Shop.  One of the students, Tommy Colihan (who is a current trader with us), shared a wonderful find with his classmates.  Tommy had an amazing Elk antler that he offered to let the class bring in as a group project.  The antler was very large (approximately 4′ long)  and in excellent condition, so it got a lot of points.  Each child in the class was able to get something for themselves in addition to some nice pieces for the classroom itself.

Elk are the second largest of the deer family – Moose are the largest.  While Elk once were found across most of North America, their range is now primarily western North America.  Luckily, while their natural range has diminished, Elk are not endangered at this time.  The antlers on a male Elk can reach as long as 4 feet above their heads.  They shed their antlers in March of each year and begin to grow new ones in May.  The males can reach upward of 700 pounds and the females from 500-525 pounds.  These majestic animals are herbivores and eat grasses, bark, shrubs and twigs.


Elk antler on display

We were very excited in the Swap Shop to see this beautiful antler and you will be able to see it too.  It will be a display piece for the Swap Shop.

Don’t know about the Naturally Wild Swap Shop?  Click here for more information.

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