Valentines Day Candy

How is this related to Wildlife Conservation – really? Yes, there is a method and message, to our madness…

Palm Oil and The Great Chocolate Debate. It can help save the lives of Orangutans and many other species living on Borneo and Sumatra. Palm oil is a form of edible vegetable oil produced from the African oil plam tree (Elaeis guineensis) which has been planted on plantations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, home to some of the world’s most endangered wildlife. These plantations replace tropical rainforest acreage in staggering numbers.

Rainforest? No. Palm Oil Plantation? Yes.

What we are asking you to do is to be a responsible consumer and purchase products from companies which either do not use palm oil or are part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm oil. You can do that by taking a quick look at this Orangutan Friendly Palm Oil Valentine Guide.

To learn more about the issues facing wildlife and palm oil just link here.

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Yesterday, Houston Texans Ryan Griffin, Tom Savage, and Nick Martin and their families made some new friends at the Houston Zoo. Thanks for spending your day off with us, guys -- Go Texans! ... See MoreSee Less



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Houston, we are extremely fortunate to have such a fabulous Zoo..! 🤠🙌🏼❤️

Becca Dorris look at all the people you could meet!

Love it!!❤️❤️

Betsy Oliver Freeman Your team!!

Why yes it is!!! 😍👍🏼🏈

Bravo a toute l équipe

Jeanine Davis Pitts

Michael Zarate

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On Sunday, we had our 10,000th trader in the Swap Shop! This special area lets kids trade items found in nature and collect points. Stop by the Naturally Wild Swap Shop in the Children's Zoo on your next visit! ... See MoreSee Less


On Sunday, we had our 10,000th trader in the Swap Shop! This special area lets kids trade items found in nature and collect points. Stop by the Naturally Wild Swap Shop in the Childrens Zoo on your next visit!


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Warning! Long message: We got our snacks ready to go to the zoo, but also packed a ziplock full of clam and oyster shells. Our little one, Maya would be going to the swap shop to earn her first points. She received a big surprise being named the 10000th trader. To commemorate the milestone, Sara and Suzanne made her a certificate and Julie presented her with an amazing display of three beautiful beatles. That was the obvious reward. The less tangible one was the affirmation of our little 4 year old lady's hard work in writing her journals, collecting specimens etc. that the staff gave her. We often, as do many of you all, tell her that those women and men in charge studied a lot to know so much about animals. What they didn't study but what is instead either a part of someone or not is the willingness and desire to affect this little generation of nose-picking, curious goofs. There were 9,999 registered traders before Maya and countless more families that benefit from this knowledgeable and kind staff that time after time has been just pure class with so many of us. From our little troop, a sincere thank you to Suzanne Jurek who came up with the idea to celebrate the 10,000th, Sara Riger for answering so many questions from so many with skill and to Angie Pyle for making the Children's zoo so special. Amber Zelmer, Wendy Morrison, Julie LaTurner, Brian Stuckey, Stephanie Turner, Kimberly Sharkey, Megan Paliwoda, Lisa Cariello all who we've seen throughout the zoo, from petting goats, learning about animal upkeep etc. From the McDonald observatory, Yosemite to Brazos Bend or ‪Huntsville State Park‬, we'll all keep encouraging our little ones to keep digging, asking questions. That is in no small part due to you all. Once again, thank you for being a part of our daughter's life since she was tiny. Also thanks to all of the 9,999 traders and all the others that benefit from the swap shop, our daughter got lucky in getting the prizes but we're most lucky that she has so many other friends with dedicated parents and with similar interests.

We love the Swap Shop!!!!

That’s a great-looking certificate! Whoever made it must be awesome! 😏

Fun, fun, fun! That’s a cool place!!

Bonne équipe j adore

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This is Pumpkin. No not the pumpkins, the orangutan. Well yes, those are pumpkins too, but our orangutan is also named Pumpkin. Take a minute and enjoy Pumpkin(s). ... See MoreSee Less



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He ❤️❤️❤️ his kale. But some days you get to splurge and eat your dessert, pumpkin pie spiced popcorn, before your vegetables🥗🥕🥔

He takes the good stuff out & pours the leftovers in his mouth. Maybe Pumpkin prefers to drink his meals! Pumpkin says, “Smoothies, please!”😄❤️

It's ok Pumpkin. I feel the same way about kale. 👎

I worked with Pumpkin when he was younger.

Ashlee this is how I eat. Move the kale out of the way and shovel the rest in my mouth

I love ❤️ to watch them!

Kenna Halloween orangutans

What a wonderful name for an orangutan. It is lovely to see such a beautiful seasonal surprise!

Charles David looks like we need another zoo trip! We never saw pumpkin

I just love the orangutans!! Is Bubba still there??

Joseph Vasquez 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I need to visit pumpkin.

So glad he is doing well and in a great place!!

Jane Carolyn Sablich something you would thoroughly enjoy watching

Sweets for the sweetest orangutan ever! Love him

He goes for the popcorn first !!! Great little video. Thank you ! :-D

Mayra Núñez we have to go!!!

Cooper Hale I hope Ned school is treating you well ❣️

Dalton Kuntschik this is my friend who came up to the window!!! 😍

Maria Bergan a little orangutan entertainment for you 🙂

Pumpkin says no to kale.

We got to see him last week!

Alex Garcia look how adorable he is!! 😍😍😍

Nothing at the bottom

He's beautiful!


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