Valentines Day Candy

How is this related to Wildlife Conservation – really? Yes, there is a method and message, to our madness…

Palm Oil and The Great Chocolate Debate. It can help save the lives of Orangutans and many other species living on Borneo and Sumatra. Palm oil is a form of edible vegetable oil produced from the African oil plam tree (Elaeis guineensis) which has been planted on plantations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, home to some of the world’s most endangered wildlife. These plantations replace tropical rainforest acreage in staggering numbers.

Rainforest? No. Palm Oil Plantation? Yes.

What we are asking you to do is to be a responsible consumer and purchase products from companies which either do not use palm oil or are part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm oil. You can do that by taking a quick look at this Orangutan Friendly Palm Oil Valentine Guide.

To learn more about the issues facing wildlife and palm oil just link here.

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All the angry faces: do you realize that zoos are the last hope for tigers as a species? Captive breeding is extremely important for tigers survival

Uneducated people trying to ruin the experience for those of us who know the huge role zoos play in conservation and education.

Tigers are thought to occupy less than seven percent of their original range. Four of nine subspecies have disappeared from the wild just in the past 100 years.

Let’s join forces to secure a future for wild tigers! Use the donate button to give your gift to AZA today.

The Amur, Sumatran, and Malayan tigers are all thought to number fewer than 500 individuals in the wild.

Tigers are stalk and ambush predators. That means they use a surprise attack to catch their prey. 🐯

Welcome to this Facebook Live with the Houston Zoo! Thanks for stopping by. Please join us for another fun tiger Facebook Live today at 3 p.m. ET on the Animal Planet Facebook page.

Carlos Medrano, necesitas educarte. Solo compartes información falsa.

AZA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation.

Donations to AZA raised through this live stream will support the Tiger Conservation Campaign. Thank you! We fund on-the-ground projects to help secure a future for WILD tigers. Look for the donate button on the right of the live video.

Thanks for joining us for this special Facebook Live from Houston Zoo! The zoo is accredited by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The Houston Zoo provides some of the best animal care in the country. They do so much for conservation locally and globally. Anyone saying anything negative, what do you do for conservation?

If this animal was not in this zoo being safe and loved he would be hunted and killed and poached. Or even locked in a small cage for a circus. He's safe as can be and won't be killed by poachers.

Great people with big hearts! It is so important to have that talk and educate people,talk to the children and explain all ways to protect the endangered animals❤

Understand this people, this animals can not go back to the wild (a low percent is for being there). They need to be there.

Si son bien alimentados pues se justifica para uno poder conocer tan maravillosas especies que nos da Dios, pero no deja de ser un encierro estresante para las especies😍😍😍😍😍😍😍divinas❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, Houston Zoo, and Carnivore Keepers for your valuable time and information! Keep fighting the good fight! We stand behind all you do! - former fellow carnivore keeper.

I believe it takes more balls to save these animals than it does to kill them. So why don't we all do ourselves a favor and learn to love animals. They are a part of our world too.

Deberían llevarlos a su hábitat a estos pobres animales y no tenerlos en cautiverio presos,.que de lindo tiene ver sufrir????

Donations support the Tiger Conservation Campaign. The Tiger Conservation Campaign is coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Tiger Species Survival Plan.

Thank you Houston Zoo! What do donations today to AZA/Tiger Conservation Campaign help accomplish? In Malaysia’s Endau-Rompin Tiger Landscape anti-poaching teams deter illegal hunting. They also detect and help remove snares that entrap tigers and other wildlife. Learn more:

Tigers and other endangered wildlife face an uncertain future, but we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to help. The Houston Zoo is a generous supporter of efforts to save wild Malayan tigers through the Tiger Conservation Campaign. Learn more:

I cannot believe all the haters!!! Yes zoos keep wild animals captive but at this point they could not survive in the wild. These ppl dedicate themselves to helping and enriching these animals lives. STOP HATING!

Whats up with all the angry faces. We have a world class zoo right here in our own backyard. That is plenty to smile about. 😜

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Tune in today at 10 a.m. as we go live in continuation with this week's Tiger Week with The Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Animal Planet! ... See MoreSee Less


Missed the snow last weekend? Don’t worry, we’re bringing the frozen winterland back tomorrow for a FairyTAILS themed Cool Nights! Wear your favorite fairytale gown or superhero cape for an enchanting evening of music and activities. Thanks to TXU Energy, the Zoo is open late every Friday through August 11 so you can enjoy the animals while avoiding the heat. ... See MoreSee Less


Missed the snow last weekend? Don’t worry, we’re bringing the frozen winterland back tomorrow for a FairyTAILS themed Cool Nights! Wear your favorite fairytale gown or superhero cape for an enchanting evening of music and activities. Thanks to TXU Energy, the Zoo is open late every Friday through August 11 so you can enjoy the animals while avoiding the heat.

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Helen Palacios vamos agosto 4 llevemos los niños yo tengo la membresia 😉😉😊😊

Edith TrejoBricyy Ramirez Look they are going to have ice today!!

Olga Maricela Valladares if only you didn't have to work we could all go and taje the kids

Deborah you and dad should go on a date (taking the kids) here tomorrow night. Ailayah can dress up, and play in the SNOW. You know shes been talking about it but hasnt even had a fake experiance.

Jesenia Martinez. I have a membership so you'll only have to pay for your ticket. The kids will be free!

Melissa Ayala if y'all are still in Houston

What is theme for Aug 11th

Natalie Padierna they'll be open late now to avoid the heat Juan Padierna

Julius Carrion

I see jam packed. Parking is insane this summer. Sounds amazing though

Valerie Raquel

Jessica Gamboa can't wait for you to be able to take your mini me ❤️

I should take jazzy tomorrow she would love it lol Jorge Puente

Destiny Nicole Arteaga Jessica Rios i so want to go what u think??

I wish we could go! This is awesome

Madison King Weston King Dan'elle Clark this would be fun for the kids to do this weekend!

Lanysha Lofton I almost wrote Nene to tag you but we should go

Asta what time

Brisa G. Aceves should we take the kids tomorrow

Natalie Guillory wanna go tomorrow?

Cindy Machado vamos

Is it only for members?

Pireh Talpur Mir Rustam Talpur

Nicole Curtis Grundy

Jo Masterson

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