The Brightly Colored Red River Hogs

You may have heard that the Houston Zoo will be welcoming gorillas to our zoo again, but they won’t be the only animals you see there! We are very excited that gorillas will be sharing their exhibit with red river hogs.
red river hog

Why will they be living with the gorillas? Well, the red river hog is actually a type of wild pig that roams the forests and swamps of central and western Africa. This means that the red river hogs and gorillas share the same habitat and would occasionally encounter each other in the wild. Unlike the gorillas though, red river hogs are not listed as endangered. They are actually doing very well population-wise in the wild due to the human-caused reduction of the population of the leopard (the hogs’ natural predator).

These wild hogs got their name because they are easy to spot due to their very bright coloration. What might stand out more are the long tufts of fur on their ears giving them a unique elf-like appearance. While on your path through the African Forest watching the gorillas, be sure to stop and look for these interesting red river hogs. You will see that this is a very unique species and one we are very excited to welcome to our zoo!

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