Games, Crafts All About Lemurs At Their Spotlight on Species Event

ringblog1Come out to the zoo August 31st – Sept 2nd from 10AM – 3PM for a fun filled day to learn about lemurs.  Our Spotlight on Species events are always free with admission and we’ll be having lots of activities for all ages.  Lemurs are a special kind of primate called prosimians.  There are over 100 species of lemurs and come in all different shapes and colors.    Come out to receive a special lemur that  kids can color and lots of fun “lemur” words that you can search for in our word search puzzle game.  You’ll also get a chance to see how our Ring-tailed lemurs communicate by helping us “mark” a tree.  Lemurs are amazing animals.  Did you know Coquerel’s Sifaka can jump OVER 15 feet?  Jump by our lemurs and see how far you can leap!  You’ll also be able to meet with the keepers who care for these and other amazing animals from Madagascar.  Be sure to check our daily keeper chat board for special keeper chats featuring our lemurs, tenrec, and fossa-all from Madagascar!

Come out and get your picture taken with a conservation  message that kids help color, so we can send it over to Madagascar to show them we care about lemurs, too.  You can even help create our “Tree of Life” that will be with our message.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our conservation table where we will have lots of items that make great gifts for you or your friends.  The primates here at the Houston Zoo  helped out by painting some special items.  Our little Coquerel’s Sifaka, Julius, was the inspiration for a wildlife painting by artist Corina St. Martin.  Prints will be available for purchase at the table while supplies last.  While here, you can participate in our face painting from 2PM – 3PM with a small donation.  All proceeds from our conservation table will go to helping lemurs in the wild.

So come out Labor Day weekend and join us in our celebration of lemurs!

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