Party for the Planet at the Houston Zoo!

orangEver wonder what it would feel like to save black bears, chimpanzees, sea turtles or orangutans?  We love all of our animals at the Zoo and we are constantly seeking ways to protect their relatives in the wild but we need your help!  For this Earth Day we would like to provide you a simple “how to” guide on simple ways to save animals in the wild.

How can you save Black bears in the wild?

Use recycled paper products!  Black bears depend on forested areas for survival.   You can save bears in the wild by only using recycled toilet paper, napkins, paper towel and other paper products.

How does the Houston Zoo save Black bears in the wild?

We only use recycled toilet paper and blow dryers all over the Zoo.  Visit our Zoo’s restrooms on your next visit to see how we are saving bears in the wild.

How can you save chimpanzees in the wild?

Recycle your unused cell phones!  There is a material in cell phones that is collected in Central Africa, which can damage chimps’ homes. For more information click here. By recycling your phone you can stop this from happening.  Bring your old cell phones to the Zoo on your next trip and drop them in the cell phone recycling bin at the main entrance!

How does the Houston Zoo save chimpanzees in the wild?

We have recycled 4,587 cell phones over all so far.  Help us spread the word and build on that number!  Encourage schools, businesses and organizations to hold unused cell phone drives for the Zoo, or join our annual Action for Apes Challenge and recycle cell phones to win an enormous painting done by our apes!

© Houston Zoo/Stephanie AdamsHow can you save sea turtles in the wild?

Use canvas or fabric reusable shopping bags and say no to plastic!  After being thrown out, tons of plastic bags and other plastic garbage  end up in the ocean and injure and entangle sea turtles.

How does the Houston Zoo save sea turtles in the wild?

We sell reusable canvas bags at our events, we provide medical care to wild sea turtles and can rehabilitate them in our Kipp Aquarium.

How can you save Orangutans in the wild?

Buy food and cosmetics with good ingredients!  Some food and cosmetics contain an ingredient called  palm oil.  The production of this ingredient can damage orangutan’s homes.

How does the Houston Zoo save orangutans in the wild?

We buy candy that is palm oil free for Zoo events.  We also only use palm oil free soap in all of our hand washing areas.

Great news!  Another awesome way you are saving animals in the wild is by visiting the Zoo!

Every time you visit the Houston Zoo a portion of your ticket goes toward protecting animals in the wild.


Thanks to our generous Party for the Planet sponsors:

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