Houston Zoo Sadly Announces the Passing of Two Animals

It is with great sadness that the Houston Zoo announces the passing of two animals – a leopard and a Grant’s zebra.

ivy release Ivy, the elderly female leopard, was humanely euthanized after discovering that her chronic bone and joint issues had reached a critical point. Ivy had been undergoing specialized treatment for her numerous joint and bone problems for the past three years. However, four days ago she started showing a severe increase in discomfort.  Today, our veterinary staff preformed x-rays and blood work and discovered that one of her front elbows had a break in it.  After reviewing all options, our veterinary and leopard experts decided that the most humane option was to euthanize her peacefully.



hatari-release-resizeHatari, our male zebra, was injured in an incident yesterday with one of his yard-mates whom he had lived with for several months without showing any aggressive behavior towards each other. After emergency veterinary intervention, the zebra did not survive his injuries.









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