Houston Zoo Saddened by Passing of Beloved Giraffe, Neema

NeemaWe are heartbroken to share the news that eight-year-old Masai giraffe, Neema, passed away overnight in the giraffe barn. Neema began showing signs of illness on May 14. The entire hoofed stock team and our veterinary staff began an immediate intensive course of medical care to identify and treat her symptoms. The group discovered that she was suffering from intestinal disease and was treated to relieve pain and resolve infection while maintaining her hydration with intravenous fluids. Unfortunately, last night, her condition became worse and she passed away around 9 p.m. from the short, but aggressive illness.

Neema was a beloved part of the ten-member herd and a regular attendee at the popular giraffe feedings that so many of our guests and Members have enjoyed over the years. Her light coloring made her easy to identify, and her participation in giraffe feedings made her especially memorable and loved.

Neema was also a terrific mother to our most recently born calf, Kamili, who was born August 2014.

We are all grieving and devastated by the loss of Neema. She remains a treasured member of our family and she will be missed by everyone.

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