Chimp Profiles: Willie

Last, but assuredly not least, in our chimp profiles is the ever-entertaining Willie.   Willie is the youngest member of the group and definitely the most energetic.  There is little he enjoys more than chasing and wrestling with his older brothers Riley and Mac.  When they get bored, though, any other member will do, even if he has to hit someone with a stick to get them to chase him.  An irritated playmate is better than no playmate at all!  

Willie: Star of the Show, Life of the Party!

Though he might irritate them once in a while (OK, pretty regularly actually), Willie is the social center of the group.  In fact he played a pivotal role when the adult males first began living together after they arrived at the zoo.  Willie’s playfulness relieved tension and eased aggression very quickly, heading off fights before they could begin.

 Willie is also the most interactive with the visitors.  You can usually find him having just as much fun looking at you as you are looking at him!

"Are you looking at me, or am I looking at you?"

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