Chimp Profiles: Maizey, Annie and Sally

Though Maizey and Annie have different parents, they are as close as sisters.  Only a few months apart, they grew up together and always stick up for each other.  No one in the group can pick on one without incurring the wrath of the other.

Annie is strong-willed and definitely likes to get her own way.  She is one of the few members of the group largely immune to Willie’s charms and will not hesitate to let him know he’s out of line.  She’s a loyal friend, though, and generally easygoing.


Maizey is also usually laid-back, but if you really want to make her angry (and trust me, you don’t!),  just try to come between her and her food.  As long as the other chimps remember this rule, they get along very well with Maizey.


Sally is Annie’s sister and just as stubborn, but not as confident.   Sally enjoys wrestling and playing chase with Willie from time to time.  Most often, though, she can be found in her favorite hammock high in the large tree.


Sally and Annie usually have a blanket with them even in warm weather.  In fact most of the chimps are fond of their blankets and can be seen carrying them around on their backs, or napping with them in the hammocks.

See if you can spot these three sisters next time you’re in The African Forest!

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