A Look Back into the Past with Houston Residents

To think that it all started with a bison named Earl that was donated by a traveling circus in 1922. A fence was then erected in Hermann Park to house various assortments of snakes, birds, and alligators purchased by the City of Houston.

The Houston Zoo will turn 100 years old in 2022, and while we still have several years to go, you can only imagine all the stories and memories that go with that kind of a milestone. With all these vast changes, improvements, and new exhibits such as the Gorillas of the African Forest (opening Memorial Day weekend) over the years, it is pretty easy to say that the zoo has come a long way since that first bison.

I had the chance to speak with several Houstonian residents, both native and from other cities, and they all had special things to say about our wonderful zoo.

“I would look to my husband and say ‘We got to do this again soon,’”81-year-old, Boston-born, St. Dominic Village resident Ann Palmeira said. “You always looked forward to a ‘next time’ every time you visited the Houston Zoo.”

Ann Palmeira. Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Village.
Ann Palmeira. Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Village.

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