Working with Pacific Bird Conservation (Part 3)

Steve Howard is in the Northern Mariana Islands, working with Pacific Bird Conservation to protect birds and blogging about his experience.

This post was written by Steve Howard


fishing pole netToday I learned how to put up a 12-meter mist net! We’ll be trapping birds along one of the old WWII Navy runways which has been almost completely taken over by the forest. The best place to set up the net is in a break in the vegetation. So where the forest has grown in from both sides of the runway, but there is still a space in the middle, is the perfect place. The nets are stretched between twenty-foot tall poles, which are rigged so they can be raised and lowered like a flag. The poles are supported with 4 guy lines that are tied to concrete nails pounded into the asphalt. So I learned how to tie knots today – the clove hitch and sheet bend – how to pound in concrete nails without breaking off the head (learned that the hard way), and how to tie the guy lines so they stay tight.

We also put some nets up in the forest. These are easier to set up because we can tie the lines to trees and put stakes in the ground. After we’re done setting a net up, if it’s not going to be used, it’s tied up so we don’t catch anything by accident. The pictures are of a net fully open and of a net closed up.

closed netsPreparations are complete now for the trapping and care of the birds. We can net them, transfer them to the transport box, get them back to bird room, put them in the cages we assembled already and feed them there! We’ll keep them in the bird room cages until they are taken, by 14 boat ride, to the Island of Guguan and released. We will go back to the woods this afternoon and start netting.

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