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Only one week left to explore the Houston Zoo’s special summer exhibit – Big Bugs Presented by Texas Direct Auto!
These giant, animatronic bugs move, spread their wings, and even spit!

Open through Monday, September 3

There’s only one more week to see bugs like never before – up to 60 times larger than their normal size! From the 7-foot ladybug to the 33-foot tarantula, you’ll see these bugs in great detail as each is made to look exactly like their smaller counterpart.

As you meet our Big Bugs, you’ll also learn the important role each bug plays in nature and how we can all help to protect each species. From pest control and food maker to crop protector and forest recycler, we could not live without these bugs.


Houston Zoo Value Pass – BEST VALUE! 
Adult $22.95 – Includes Zoo admission, all-day Big Bugs entry, and a conservation bracelet
Child $19.95 – Includes Zoo admission, all-day Big Bugs entry, a conservation bracelet, and UNLIMITED Wildlife Carousel rides

Big Bugs Zoo Members Pass
$3.95 Per person includes UNLIMITED Wildlife Carousel & all-day Big Bugs entry exclusively for Zoo Members

Buy your tickets online, at the gate, or near the Big Bugs exhibit entrance during your visit!

Big Bugs You’ll See!

  • Mexican red-knee tarantula
  • Black ants
  • Emperor scorpion
  • Madagascan sunset moth
  • Bombardier beetle
  • Praying mantis
  • Grasshopper
  • Dragonfly
  • Stag beetle
  • Say’s firefly
  • Orb web spider
  • Red-tailed bumblebee
  • Lady bug

Zoo Sprouts
Beautiful Bugs!

It’s time to get down and dirty with the Houston Zoo and experience our bugs unlike ever before. Join with other Sprouts as we dig through the new Big Bugs exhibit and uncover just how fascinating a bug’s life can be!

*Special ticket purchase required.

Bug House Encounter
Plus, Big Bugs!

The fascinating lives of bugs will be unveiled in this unique experience with our expert bug keepers. They want to WOW you with an opportunity to touch some of our Bug House residents, visit the behind-the-scenes areas to learn how they care for these animals and share personal stories of what the Houston Zoo is doing to save insects all over the world.

Plus, explore the Houston Zoo’s special exhibit of giant, animatronic bugs that move, spread their wings and even spit- Big Bugs Presented by Texas Direct Auto!

*Special ticket purchase required.

Keep an eye out!

Buzz on over to the Houston Texans Enrichment Zone for the Waggle Dance, a SPARK play about bees and their important role as pollinators!

You may even learn why cockroaches are important through Interviews with Larry the Cockroach.

Check out the Plan Your Day kiosks during your next Zoo visit for daily shows and times. These exciting experiences are included in Zoo admission!


Why Bugs Matter

Did you know there are 1.5 billion insects for every human on Earth? Bugs are important, and they do lots of jobs that we wouldn’t even want to think about doing, including getting rid of waste and making sure we’ve got maple syrup for our pancakes. That’s right, maple syrup! If we didn’t have bugs to pollinate the maple trees and thousands of other important plants, we’d be out of luck.

Your visit to the Houston Zoo helps save animals in the wild—including bugs.

When you buy a ticket, you help save bugs like monarch butterflies, which are important pollinators.

As we build in natural spaces, monarchs are losing the plants they need to live. The Zoo tags the butterflies to track where they stop on their long migration.

This helps us understand how they are doing and develop plans to help.