Our Aquarium Supervisor & His Mission to Save Coral Reefs

Last year, our aquarium supervisor Mike Concannon embarked on a trip to Key Largo, Florida as part of the Staff Conservation Fund to assist in conservation and restoration for endangered and threatened coral species in the Florida Keys, established by the Coral Restoration Foundation. Since it is the Houston Zoo’s mission to bring conservation and awareness for all the species living here, this daily blog series highlights his journal entries detailing his trip.


The following series of posts is a recount of a trip I took in May of this year which was made possible by the Houston Zoo’s Staff Conservation Fund. For those who are unaware of this program, it allows staff members to apply for internal grants that are used to fund conservation activities around the globe. Proposals are reviewed by a diverse selection committee who makes decisions on funding every quarter. Every HZI employee is eligible for such a grant regardless of Department.

The most impressive thing about this program is that it relies upon the financial contributions of staff members to function. This says a great deal about the commitment of our staff as a whole.  My work would not be possible without all of their support.

My project is an enhancement to an existing conservation effort being undertaken by the Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo, Florida. Their focus is the restoration of two severely threatened coral species in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean. Due to a number of factors, staghorn and elkhorn corals have undergone declines approaching 98 per cent in most areas.

Read dive logs from each day of the trip!

Dive Log – Saving Coral Reefs:


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