The World Needs an Auto Correct

I am not completely technologically challenged but my iPhone feels that I am. Auto Correct can be helpful, except apparently to me. So when I type in “What would you like for dinner” and the message that goes out is “I have a lamb named Lew Alcinder” you can understand why my wife does not respond.

And this is exactly what has happened to wildlife much in part due to our news leading off with every bad story they can find. We no longer pay attention and respond. Organizations and media follow this path and every bad bit of news is right there at your fingertips. How does that make you feel? Helpless? Hopeless? Not your problem?


96 elephants die every day for the ivory trade to be made into carvings in people’s homes.

5 rhinos die every day so their horns can be used in “traditional” medicine.

4,000 endangered Philippine Pond Turtles were confiscated in May on their way to being someone’s dinner in another country.

The Pangolin: the world’s most heavily traded mammal. 1 million animals lost in the last 10 years so their scales can be used for medicine and their bodies for soup.


How in the world is any of this going to make you believe you can make a difference? It makes you sad, upset, and confused (What is a Pangolin!!) but it also makes you move on to the next media story because you see no simple action that will make a difference. And if you cannot make a difference in the lives of elephants, rhinos, turtles and pangolins, how can you be inspired to care? Basically, we have a smaller attention span than a gnat these days and creating a simple action to help save animals in the wild is the difference between tuning out and caring.

I am a Pangolin. Now finish reading the blog.

So the world needs an Auto Correct.

You know right from wrong so I am not going to tell you what you should not do (do not buy ivory, stop eating shark fin soup…sorry, I will stop right there).

So, what if I told you (I am telling you right now) that you can protect sea turtles by using less plastic and keeping the plastic you use out of the waste stream? Would that action help you to care?

What if you recycled your cell phone and electronics? They are oddly connected to gorillas, okapi and elephants in Central Africa through the product in their circuit boards. Closer to home, you do not want all of that electronic waste in the landfill finding its way into our waterways and eventually the Gulf of Mexico so recycling once again is a simple solution.


What if you planted one plant on your patio or in your backyard for a butterfly or hummingbird? Would seeing that butterfly or hummingbird inspire you to care?

What if one simple action from every zoo guest, all 2.3 million of you, made a difference? It can and it will and it will inspire you to care. That is simply why the world needs to auto correct.

Until then I need to figure out how to stop my iPhone from chastising my tortillas and pickling my verbs.

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