The Houston Zoo is saving (more) sea turtles!

Zoo vet staff has rescued another sea turtle today and already removed two fishing hooks from inside his throat! You can see the two hooks in the x-ray photo, and the photo that follows is of Dr. Joe getting ready to remove those hooks.

Kemp’s Ridley X-Ray with two hooks.

How did this guy get two hooks in him? Well, he’s actually had more than that. This guy came to us with tags that you can see in the final photo below. The tags mean that we’ve come across this guy before, and though hooks are not the only reason for an emergency visit, his specific numbers showed that he was with us in 2011 for the same issue.

It is likely that this instance of double hooks came about after he grabbed one meal from a fishing line, was cut free, and then tried to grab another snack later on and was thankfully alerted to NOAA Galveston. Often, sea turtles are released back into the ocean after the fishing line has been cut. Though this releases turtles back seemingly unharmed, these hooks do not pass through the body or deteriorate, which more often than not causes fatalities in these amazing creatures.

Dr. Joe beginning the hook removal.

So, if you see a sea turtle accidentally caught on the beach, just call 1-866-TURTLE-5 and NOAA will come out to grab that turtle and bring it to us. Though there are no repercussions for accidentally catching a sea turtle, there is enforcement if fisherman purposely keep sea turtles. Be aware, and be a Conservation Hero!

Kemp’s Ridley identification tags. You can even get a reward if you call…and can read very dirty things!

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