The Action For Apes Challenge Has Begun!

Do you want to win a painting done by the gorillas (arriving soon!), chimpanzees and mandrills at the Houston Zoo and  help save these species in the wild?

If you answered yes, then the Action for Apes Challenge is for you!

The Action for Apes Challenge is a competition between Houston area schools, organizations, and businesses to see who can recycle the most cell phones. The group that recycles the most cell phones before April 30, 2015 wins a painting done by the gorillas(after they arrive, of course!), chimpanzees and mandrills at the Houston Zoo!
Chimpanzee painting

Want more information? See the neatly organized questions below!

Who can participate? Anyone who wants to save animals in the wild. Anyone who wants to win. Anyone who wants artwork painted by apes. Anyone with old cell phones and other electronics like GPS equipment, cameras and MP3 players.

How do I participate? First register online at Then, start collecting cell phones! A box will be sent to you that you can use for the cell phones you collect, or you can decorate your own box. In order for your cell phones to be counted, they must be postmarked on or before April 30, 2015. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay shipping; a mailing label will be sent to you.

Is anything other than cell phones accepted? Yes! This year we will accept cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, iPads and other tablets, handheld gaming devices, GPS, wifi hot spots, and digital cameras. All of these will be counted in your total! We also accept electronic accessories such as chargers, blue tooth headsets, earbuds, etc., however these items will not be counted in your total. But you should still send them so they can be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill!

How will I find out if I win? We will announce the winner via email to all participants in mid-May. The winner will also be recognized on Facebook, Twitter, and the Action for Apes webpage.

How does recycling old cell phones help save animals in the wild? Materials found in cell phones and other handheld electronic devices are mined in areas such as the African Congo, which happens to be where animals like chimpanzees, gorillas, and okapis live. When the materials are taken from animal habitats to be used in electronics, the homes of chimps, gorillas, and okapis become disrupted and these animal populations decrease. If you recycle your old cell phone and other electronics, then the materials can be reused instead of getting new minerals from the ground and further endangering these animals.

Want to get started? Just visit our Action for Apes website and fill out the registration form!

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