Our Little Jumping Bean!

Written By Joshua Cano

Louise and AnnabelleIf you have been to the zoo recently and gone to the mandrill exhibit, you have probably seen our little bundle of joy hopping around the exhibit next to mom.  Annabelle is now 5 months old! She is the first offspring of Louise (mom) and Ushindi (dad).  Annabelle’s birth here at the Houston Zoo was a very important birth for not only our zoo, but for every zoo in the United States with mandrills. And, she is the very first mandrill ever born at the Houston Zoo!

When Annabelle was first born she did not have the typical mandrill coloration, but she is just starting to get her color. She now looks like a miniature adult. Annabelle is very curious, playing with browse, playing with her mom’s enrichment items, and walking further and further away from mom exploring her home. While inside, she is a very vocal little girl! She lets her keepers and her mom know exactly what she wants. It is not uncommon to hear her screaming at mom for not paying enough attention to her. And, she has just started to do the “crow” vocalization that is typical of this species.


Mandrills are considered vulnerable in the wild according to the IUCN Red List. Mandrills in the wild are hunted for bush meat and affected by the mining of tantalum, used for cell phones and computers. You can help save mandrills in the wild by recycling your old electronics at the zoo by joining our Action for Apes Challenge.

What is the best time to see Annabelle and her family? She and her family are out every day that the weather is good, and in spring, that is most of the time. If you haven’t seen Annabelle yet, next time you stop by the zoo, be sure to stop by mandrills and say hi to our sweet little girl, Annabelle.

Mandrill Baby Dec 2014-0038-4599

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