Baby Nyala Born May 21

This post written by Memory Mays
On May 21 2013, the hoofed stock team at the Houston Zoo greeted their newest and youngest member! Ivy, one of our female Nyala antelopes, gave birth to her first calf that day. The calf only weighs 11 pounds and has been named Willow.

Normally a baby Nyala will hide in bushes for about the first 2 weeks, receiving frequent visits from its mother to nurse. However, our little Willow is very easily seen in our new Nyala exhibit. Her favorite place is right in the center of the hay pile under the shelter so everyone can see her. When she isn’t taking a nap, she is probably playing and running with her half brother Peanut who is only 6 weeks older than her. During your next visit to the zoo, stop by to see these two adorable calves!

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