Saving Sea Turtles in the Wild

How the Zoo saves sea turtles in the wild:

Dec.3 sea turtleOn Dec. 3rd eight sea turtles were brought to the Houston Zoo’s vet clinic after being stranded on the upper Texas coast.  There were 4 Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles that recieved medical treatment and check ups after swallowing fishing hooks and 4 green sea turtles were treated after feeling the affects of the sudden cold snap.  After the turtles had physical examinations and received treatments they were transported to the  NOAA Sea Turtle Barn in Galvaston to recover.   They will be released as soon as we are sure they are stable and the weather is a bit warmer.

 Fact:  Our veterinary staff have assisted in saving over 75 injured or stranded wild sea turtles in this year alone.



More ways the Zoo saves sea turtles:

Our staff participates in reducing threats to sea turtles by performing patrols to find stranded and sick turtles and creating signs that give direction to public and fisherman that encounter sea turtles.  For more on our sea turtles saving efforts visit here  .

Come to the Zoo to see the sea turtle in our aquarium.  He was also found stranded and weak on the upper Texas coast and is visiting us until he is strong enough to be released into the wild again.







How you can help save sea turtles in the wild:

  • Remember to say no to plastic and use reusable shopping bags and drink cups whenever you can!
  • Every time you purchase a ticket to visit the Zoo or a membership a portion goes to saving animals in the wild.

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