Peacock Wolf-Eel

Wolf-eels are not true eels, but classified in the family Anarhichadidae with other “wolf fishes”. The wolf-eel lives off the Pacific coast of California, Oregon and Washington, and makes its home on rocky reefs or stony bottom shelves at shallow and moderate depths. They will usually stake out a territory in a crevice in the rocks; their long, slender bodies allow them to squeeze into a small space.

  • Scientific Name: Anarrhichthys ocellatus
  • Range: Eastern Pacific: Alaska to Baja California
  • Status in the Wild: Unknown
  • Location in the Zoo: Kipp Aquarium
  • Cool Animal Fact:The “wolf” in their name refers to their teeth, which resemble canine teeth. Wolf eels use their powerful jaws and teeth to crush the shells of crabs and sea urchins they eat.