Leopards have the largest range of any wild cat, though they are considered endangered in some areas due to habitat destruction and hunting. You can tell a jaguar apart from a cheetah or jaguar by it’s spots (though they have other differences); a leopard’s spots are small rosettes or broken rings, while a cheetah has solid black spots, and a jaguar’s rosettes or broken rings have black dots inside them.

  • Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
  • Range: A wide range of Africa south of the Sahara; ranges in the Middle East and South Asia; East and Southeast Asia including parts of China.
  • Status in the Wild: Vulnerable
  • Location in the Zoo: Carnivores exhibits
  • Cool Animal Fact: It is one of the four roaring cats, and it is said to have a roar not like the lion, but more a deep rasping cough.