Houston Toad

Historically, the Houston toad ranged across central and east Texas, but a drought and urban expansion in the 1960s saw the population decline. Today, there are only 4 small habitat patches left.

  • Scientific Name: Bufo houstonensis
  • Range: Bastrop and a few other Texas counties
  • Status in the Wild: Endangered
  • Location in the Zoo: Reptiles & Amphibians Building
  • Cool Animal Fact: A captive assurance colony of approximately 4,000 toads resides at the Houston Zoo.

Houston Toad vs Gulf Coast Toad

How The Houston Zoo is Saving the Houston Toad

The zoo maintains a 1,200 square foot Houston toad quarantine facility that serves as a location for the captive breeding and head starting of wild Houston toad egg strands for release into the wild. This facility is managed by two full-time Houston toad specialists who care for the toads and work closely with the program partners in the breed-and-release efforts. Find out more about how we’re saving the Houston Toad.