Denison’s Barb

This fish is characterized by a torpedo-shaped body with silver scales, a red line running from their nose towards the middle of the body, and below the red line, a black stripe that runs the length of the fish.

You may have seen the Denison’s barb before, also known as the red-line torpedo barb or roseline shark. It was sold extensively since 1996 as an aquarium fish, but it is now an endangered species in the wild; it only remains in two rivers in southern India. Because of the rarity of this species, efforts are made to breed this fish in zoos; the fish does not breed easily in captivity.

  • Scientific Name: Puntius densonii
  • Range: Kerala, India
  • Status in the Wild: Endangered
  • Location in the Zoo: Kipp Aquarium
  • Cool Animal Fact: This fish is a good example of how overfishing can harm a species. In less than 25 years, this fish went from an unknown fish for aquarists to being endangered due to so many being caught for export.