Blue-Billed Curassow

They might not be visible to guests, but these birds are very important – there are less than 250 of these birds left in the wild. The Houston Zoo has been working to save these birds since the 1970s – in fact there have been more than 50 blue-billed curassows born in Houston. Find out how we are working to save this rare bird on the Houston Zoo Blog.

  • Scientific Name: Crax alberti
  • Range: Central and South America
  • Status in the Wild: Critically Endangered
  • Location in the Zoo: You might see this bird in the Fischer Bird Gardens or Birds of the World; we also care for them behind the scenes.
  • Cool Animal Fact: The Houston Zoo is one of the few zoos ever to breed this animal.

Video: Saving the Blue-Billed Curassow From Extinction