The walking batfish is “benthic” or living on the ocean floor. It uses its pectoral fins to walk along the bottom! They are found in warm and temperate seas. Batfishes have broad, flat heads and slim bodies, and can grow to 14 inches in length. They spend more time walking on the bottom on thickened pectoral and pelvic fins than swimming. The batfish is one of about 78 species in the family Ogcocephalidae.

  • Scientific Name: Ogcocephalus sp.
  • Range: Warm and temperate seas worldwide
  • Status in the Wild: Not Evaluated
  • Location in the Zoo: Kipp Aquarium. Look for them in the Seahorse Tank.
  • Cool Animal Fact: As members of the fish group known as ‘anglerfish’, they are equipped with a lure they extend from their forehead as bait to bring prey close enough to be eaten.