Banded Mongoose

Visit these animals in the Children’s Zoo, where you can pop your heads up in the tunnels and see their habitat from inside! You might mistake the banded mongoose for a meerkat, and they are in the same family of mammals, but they have a few differences, including their pronounced black stripes and their habitat in the wild; they live in a different region of Africa, throughout much of east, southeast and south-central Africa, while the meerkat is only in the far south.

  • Scientific Name: Mungos mungo
  • Range: large areas of east, southeast and south-central Africa
  • Status in the Wild: Stable
  • Location in the Zoo: Children’s Zoo habitat with pop-up tunnels
  • Cool Animal Fact: In the wild banded mongoose often feed on insects; millipedes and beetles are a favorite food. At the Zoo we include mealworms and crickets in their diet.