Attwater’s Prairie Chicken

While you won’t see this animal when you visit the Zoo, our zoo keepers breed these animals behind the scenes and release them into the wild to ensure they will not go extinct.

  • Scientific Name: Tympanuchus cupido attwateri
  • Range: Texas coastal prairie
  • Status in the Wild: Critically Endangered
  • Location in the Zoo: Behind the Scenes
  • Cool Animal Fact: The Attwater’s Prairie Chicken is not a chicken! It’s technically a grouse – and it’s vanishing from the coastal prairies of Texas.

See an Attwater’s Prairie Chicken BOOM

Working to Save this Endangered Species

The Houston Zoo manages the captive breeding programs for the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken. We have breeding facilities both behind the scenes at the Zoo and at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. More about our work saving this species