My, Do Our Babies Grow Up Fast!

It is hard to imagine that only a few weeks ago that the tiny toadlets pictured in these photos were tadpoles swimming in a tank! Our little toads have grown so fast! Though we typically raise our own small invertebrates to feed the juveniles, these little guys have grown so quickly that we will soon have to start ordering a small sized (1/4 inch) crickets!  toadlet-resize

These toadlets are the offspring of our eggs that we released into the wild in and around Bastrop State Park this past spring. We kept some of the eggs back to raise to “toad-hood” as part of our mission to serve as an ark for the species. Additionally, once these little toadlets mature, they will produce offspring of their own for release in the future!

toadlet2resizeWe have been very successful in raising the tadpoles and subsequent toadlets that we kept back from our releases. Of all the tadpoles that hatched from the eggs, we only lost 5! We now actually have too many toadlets (200+) to keep here at the facility! In the coming weeks, we will once again work with researchers from Texas State University and USFWS to release these little guys back out into the wild. This will mark our fourth release of the year and is the first time ever that we have released three different life stages: eggs, juveniles, and adults!

Many thanks to all of our supporters! We couldn’t do this without your concern for the future of this amazing native Texan. Stay tuned for information on our up-coming toadlet release!

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