We're releasing Attwater's prairie chickens into the wild!


We’ve been raising these adorable chicks for the past few months, and for some of them, they’ve already gotten big enough to be ready to start their life in the wild.

In the picture below, you can see the same bird on 4/22 and on 7/16. This juvenile looks a lot like a fully grown Attwater’s prairie chicken (APC), but is about 2/3 the size of an adult.



We have released 37 chicks so far in three release events since June and are looking forward to another release coming up next week, followed by at least two more releases in August!

We’ll keep an eye on these guys individually as they grow in the wild by recording their actions through radio collars and fancy foot jewelry (identification tags).


We wish them a great life in their natural habitat in the wild, and hope they feel comfortable enough to have some chicks of their own!



One thought on “We're releasing Attwater's prairie chickens into the wild!

  1. Aloha from Hawaii,
    I am a bird rehabber in Hawaii but I have no experience with chickens. We have a large ferel chicken population here and someone found a lone chick and brought it to me. It would not have survived the night as we had unusual but extreme cold and windy weather recently. My question is at what age can I release it. I know the where abouts from which it came and there are several flocks of them there. ( a cemetary) More than likely this chick belongs with one of them. If I released it now would the flock take it back in or should I wait until it’s big enough to fend for itself. …mahalo for your time and advice.

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