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Support the Houston Zoo Volunteer Fund – Keeper Staff Grant
The Houston Zoo Volunteer Fund Keeper Staff Grant is to provide the Zoo staff with an opportunity to enhance the care, environment and understanding of animals, and share this knowledge with colleagues, volunteers and the public. Grants can be awarded for projects that focus on SSPs, captive research, or help staff learn new skills that can benefit the animals with which they work. The HZI Volunteer Fundraising Committee monitors the awarding of the $1,000 grant, and under the conditions of the award, the staff that receives it agrees to provide two continuing education classes (one on a weekday & one on a weekend) to HZI volunteers.


Pocket Guide Update
The Pocket Guide is available now! Pick yours up in the Volunteer Office if you haven’t already!

Docent Training Materials
Day 1
Alphabet Soup
Large Mammals

Day 2
Conservation Stations
Children’s Zoo
Primates – Monkeys

Day 3
Natural Encounters
Carnivores & Sea Lions

Day 4
Hoofed Stock
Primates – Apes

Day 5
Reptiles & Amphibians
Birds – Orders Overview
Bird Basics

Day 6
African Forest

Program Docent Materials
Adventure Class and ZooMobile curriculums:

Stories: My Little Sister Hugged an Ape (PreK)

Stories: Sense Safari (PreK)

Habitats (Grades K-3, 5)

Many Kinds of Animals (Grades K-3)

 Survival Gear (Grades 2-5)

 Texas Animals (Grades K-5)

 Feeding Frenzy (Grades 1-5) 

 King Philip’s Class (Grades 6-7, 9-12)

 Master Survivalists (Grades 7-12)

 Chomping through the Chain (Grades 6-12)