Texas Turtle Update!

Houston Zoo staff joined employees of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) during Monday’s weekly sea turtle survey. We began the morning with LOTS of fog as we jumped on the ferry to get to Bolivar Peninsula. Unfortunately, when we arrived on the peninsula and started looking for sea turtles we found that a few of the newly installed sea turtle awareness signs had been STOLEN! They had simply been unscrewed from their post and taken!

A sea turtle sign with no....SIGN!
A sea turtle sign with no….SIGN!

While we appreciate that the general public must really enjoy the brand new signs designed by the Houston Zoo’s graphics department, we were upset to see that we would need to use signs meant for other areas along the beach to replace the stolen signs. So, throughout our day looking for stranded or injured sea turtles on the beach we hopped out of the vehicle several times to install new signs and replace the stolen signs.

Installation of a new sea turtle information sign
Installation of a new sea turtle information sign

This information is vital for Galveston area beach-goers as the public is relied upon a lot of the time to call 1-866-TURTLE-5 when they see a stranded, injured or nesting turtle on the beach.

Newly installed sea turtle awareness signs
Newly installed sea turtle awareness signs

If the public is not informed about sea turtles in Texas, then they cannot assist in sea turtle conservation! We want everyone visiting Galveston and surrounding beaches to be informed and know that they can play a role in saving sea turtles in the wild.

Not only are general sea turtle awareness signs now out on our local beaches, but informative signs telling the public what to do if you accidentally catch a sea turtle are now being installed. These signs use photos and text (which is written in English, Spanish and Vietnamese) so that all audiences can understand what to do if found in a situation with a sea turtle.

What to do if you happen to catch a sea turtle in Texas!
What to do if you happen to catch a sea turtle in Texas!

If you would like to help sea turtles in the wild, check out our website with more information! Just by reducing your plastic use,  calling 1-866-TURTLE-5 if you see a sea turtle on the beach and visiting the Houston Zoo you too can help save sea turtles in the wild!

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  1. Maybe y’all should consider selling them to the public and using the proceeds towards new signs/sea turtle conservation efforts!

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