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Become the proud parent of a Houston Zoo animal today! By adopting an animal, you not only help in the care and feeding of that animal, but also support education and conservation programs at the Houston Zoo.

Our conservation efforts include saving amphibians in Panama, supporting field research on tapirs in Brazil, and working with local staff of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Borneo on five vulnerable or endangered felines. With your help, the Houston Zoo can continue to aid wild creatures and their habitats all over the world.

You can complete an adoption online or at the Membership window when you visit the Houston Zoo. Please note that Adopt orders completed at the Membership booth must be shipped to you or a gift recipient. Each adoption lasts one year.





  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet
  • 5×7 Animal Photo



  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet
  • 5×7 Animal Photo
  • Animal Plush
  • 2 Houston Zoo Tickets


  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet
  • 5×7 Animal Photo
  • Animal Plush
  • 6 Houston Zoo Tickets

Bald Eagle

Chilean Flamingo

Asian Elephant


California Sea Lion



Malayan Tiger

Red Panda

Great Horned Owl



Orange Spotted Stingray

Spectacled Bear


African Painted Dog

Komodo Dragon

Asian Otter

African Lion

American Alligator

 Adopt Shasta VI

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Prefer to Adopt by mail? Print this form and mail to the Houston Zoo.

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Questions about the Adopt an Animal program?

Please e-mail us at adopt@houstonzoo.org or call (713) 533-6705.